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  • Morrisons will be able to extend online deliveries into south London, Scotland, East Anglia and the north-east of England next year after signing a new deal with Ocado.

  • 明年,在与Ocado 签署新协议后,Morrisons将在伦敦南部、苏格兰、东安格利亚和英国的东北部扩展线上交易。

  • The expansion comes after Ocado, which has been running the technology and delivery network for Morrisons’ online business since it launched in 2014, agreed to develop a new IT system to allow the supermarket to serve online shoppers from its stores as well as Ocado’s central warehouse in Dordon, Warwickshire.

  • Morrisons的这次线上交易推广是跟随着Ocado的推广,Ocado自2014年推出以来,一直运行着Morrisons线上交易的技术和交付网络,并同意开发新的IT系统,以允许超市为来自其店面和Ocado位于沃里克郡,多顿的中央仓库的在线顾客服务。

  • It has also agreed to deliver thousands more non-food items not currently offered on Morrisons’ website.

  • Ocado还同意供应Morrisons网站上目前尚未提供的数千种非食品类商品。

  • David Potts, chief executive of Morrisons, which has been struggling to fight back against rising competition from discounters Aldi and Lidl as well as online shopping, said: “The new investments in online growth are further examples of Morrisons building a broader business.”

  • Morrisons一直努力抵制来自折扣店Aldi和Lidl以及其他在线商店的不断增长的竞争,Morrisons首席执行官,David Potts说:“线上推广的新投资是Morrisons开展更广泛业务的又一个例子。”

  • Under the new arrangement Morrisons will halve the amount it pays towards Ocado’s research and development to £4m a year from 2018 and will no longer pay a 25% cut of any future profits from its online business for the next 15 years.

  • 根据新的安排,从2018年起,Morrisons将其用于Ocado研发的费用削减至每年400万英镑,并在未来的15年内,不必再支付线上交易利润25%的削减。

  • In return, Morrisons has agreed to help fund 30% of the costs of developing Ocado’s new distribution centre in Erith, south London, which is due to open in 2018. It has also allowed the online specialist to run branded online services for other retailers potentially including Marks & Spencer and the Co-op. It continues to be blocked from providing similar services to major Morrisons competitors – Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Aldi and Lidl.

  • 作为回报,Morrisons已同意为Ocado将于2018年在伦敦南部的Erith新开设的分销中心提供30%的资金。该分销中心还允许在线专家为其他零售商提供品牌在线服务,包括Marks & Spencer与其合作社。分销中心将继续被禁止向Morrisons的主要竞争对手Tesco、Sainsbury’s、Asda、Aldi以及Lidl提供类似的服务。

  • Under its new deal with Morrisons, Ocado could also renegotiate its tie-up with Waitrose. The upmarket grocer currently sells goods via Ocado’s own online service but the supermarket operates Waitrose.com deliveries itself from stores.

  • 据其与Morrisons签订的新协议,Ocado还可以与Waitrose重谈合作。高档杂货店目前通过Ocado自己的线上服务销售商品,但该超市自己运营Waitrose.com在线交易,从商店交货。

  • Analysts said the new deal was good news for both Ocado and Morrisons. The terms of the continuing relationship are clearly better for the supermarket than the widely-criticised deal it originally cut with Ocado. Morrisons paid £140m to buy the Dordon site and equipment as well as £16m towards expanding capacity on top of a licence and integration fee of £30m.

  • 分析者称,新协议对Ocado和Morrisons来说都是好消息。对于超市而言,维持合作关系显然比其最初和Ocado达成的广受批评的协议好得多。Morrisons支付1.4亿英镑来购买Dordon的场地和设备,并支付了1600万英镑用于扩大产能,另外3000万英镑用于获得许可证和支付整合费用。

  • The deal offers access to about 60,000 orders per week or £350m of new online business out of the Erith distribution centre by 2020 for a lower sum, although the details were not revealed on Tuesday.

  • 该协议提供了每周60,000份订单,或在2020年前,从Erith分销中心获得最低3.5亿英镑的线上交易量,尽管协议细节未在周二公布出来。

  • For Ocado, analysts said the agreement bolstered the online specialist’s attempts to find new clients for its services which it now calls the “Ocado Smart Platform”. Analysts at Goldman Sachs said in a note: “The deal represents the first OSP client it has signed and the reduced exclusivity opens the door for providing OSP solutions to other UK grocery retailers.”

  • 对于Ocado,分析者表示该协议支持在线专家为其服务寻找新客户的做法,现称其为“Ocado智慧平台”。Goldman Sachs的分析者在一份报告中称:“协议代表其首次签署的OSP客户,排他性的降低也为向其他英国零售商提供OSP解决方案敞开大门。”

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  • https://www.theguardian.com/business/2016/aug/09/new-ocado-deal-boosts-morrisons-online-push

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