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November 6, 2012


Dear Sir or Madam:


I am writing you in recommendation of Charmain L. Carter, with whom I have had the pleasure of working at the Recovery School District (RSD) over the last year. I can speak to Charmain's character and skills from the perspective of both a colleague and a supervisor.

我写这封信是为了向您推荐Charmain L. Carter。在过去的一年里,我很高兴能在复苏学区(RSD)与其一起共事。 作为她的同事兼主管,我想我可以对她的性格和技能发表一些看法。

Over the last six months, I worked closely with Charmain on the launch of the RSD's centralized expulsion function, the reorganization of the Student Hearing Office, and the revision of the RSD's Student Code of Conduct. The success of these initiatives exceeded my expectations and we would not have been successful without Charmain's diligent and thoughtful work.


Charmain shows particular strength in solving complex problems, facilitating collaboration amongst schools and other stakeholders with divergent interests, and effectively communicating our policies and procedures to schools, to activists, to parents.


Charmain brings an intense focus on results and an infectious enthusiasm to all of her work. I would also credit her for having a genuine growth mindset; she actively seeks and responds well to feedback, especially constructive criticism. One of Charmain’s initial growth areas was project planning/management and she demonstrated significant growth over the course of only a few months.


Above all, I would recommend Charmain on the basis of her indefatigable commitment to serving students and families. Where other people might allow ego or ideology to get in the way, Charmain remains focused on what is best for the students. She pursues her student-focused goals pragmatically, doggedly, and in a way that inspires admiration on the part of her coworkers.



Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any additional questions. You can reach me at Adam.Hawf@RSDLA.net or on my cell phone at 504-484-9454.

如果您还有任何其它问题,欢迎与我联系。我的邮箱是 Adam.Hawf@RSDLA.net ,联系电话:504-484-9454。


 Yours sincerely,




Adam Hawf

Deputy Superintendent, Portfolio

Recovery School District

Louisiana Department of Education

Adam Hawf


复苏学区 副院长


15 Poydras Street • Suite 1400 • New Orleans, LA 70112*1.504.373.6200 • www.rsdla.net 

美国路易斯安那州 新奥尔良市  1400室 普瓦德拉街 15号

邮编 70112*1.504.373.6200



Hillel Middle School


June 15,2009



To Whom It May Concern:



Please accept this letter of recommendation in support of Ms. Charmain Carter's application. Charmain is a person of strong work ethic and character. Over the past year and a half Charmain has worked in the middle and upper school (grades 6-12) as the Dean of Students. I have served as her immediate supervisor as the Principal of the Middle School.

请查收此推荐信以帮助Charmain Carter申请该职位。Charmain是一个具有很强的职业道德和人物性格的人。在过去的一年半中,Charmain曾在中学和高中班(6-12年级)担任教导主任。我作为该中学的校长,是她的直接领导。


During her time, Charmain has done a good job of helping build the middle school program at our school. She implemented the discipline code and policies at our school as they applied to student behavior and attendance. She did this in a caring and compassionate way where students respected her and understood her position at the school. One of Charmain's greatest strengths is seen when she holds a meeting with a student. At these meetings, she does an excellent job of educating students about making good decisions and sharing suggestions of how to improve inappropriate behavior in the future.



Ms. Carter's students enjoy working with her and have made valuable strides in their development with her at their side. During her time at Hillel, Ms. Carter developed a wonderful relationship with the girl’s basketball team as their head coach.



Beyond her administrative capabilities, Charmain brings a friendliness and sense of humor to her job environment that allows her to work well with others. She understands the need for and necessity of enforcing rules and regulations, and understands how to do so without disruption.



I sincerely believe Charmain Carter would be a great addition to your institution and I recommend her without reservation. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me at 305-931 -2831 ext. 170 or via e-mail at hinrichsen@hillel-nmb.net

我真诚地认为Charmain Carter对您的机构来说将是个非常不错的选择。我毫无保留地推荐她。如果您有任何问题,欢迎与我联系。我的电话是305-931 -2831,分机号170,邮箱地址:hinrichsen@hillel-nmb.net





Nick Hinrichsen




Samuel Schcck Hillcl Community Day School | The Ben Lipson Hillel Community High School

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Samuel Scheck Hillel 社区走读学校 | The Ben Lipson Hillel 社区高中

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